The Legacy of Don Alfredo's Coffee

Our journey began with Don Alfredo Diaz, a man whose humble beginnings shaped his strong work ethic and determination. Coming from a large family, Don Alfredo learned the value of hard work from an early age, supporting his loved ones by shining shoes. Following his father's untimely passing, he stepped up to provide for his family, setting the stage for a life of resilience and success.

In 1989, Don Alfredo embarked on his coffee career, starting with a thirst for knowledge and a desire to master every aspect of coffee production. From planting and harvesting to processing, roasting, grinding, and packaging, he immersed himself in the art and science of creating the perfect cup of coffee. His dedication paid off when Don Alfredo Coffee earned the prestigious second place in the 2007 CODOCAFE coffee competition.

Don Alfredo Coffee Cherries. Ready for picking.

Today, Don Alfredo Coffee stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality. Our coffee is grown at high altitudes, ranging from 1480 to 1775 meters, ensuring the perfect climate for our coffee trees. Through a natural process, we bring out the exceptional flavors and aromas that make our coffee truly exceptional.

What sets us apart is our drive for innovation and preserving the heritage of coffee. We take pride in being one of the few producers in the world that curates a diverse selection of coffee tree varietal species. This dedication allows us to craft a range of flavors, from the bright acidity of green apple and lime to the luscious sweetness of chocolate and berries. With each sip, you embark on a journey of flavors that exemplify the best of Dominican coffee.

At Don Alfredo Estate Coffee, we understand the value of tradition while embracing innovation. We strive to create an unforgettable coffee experience that can be cherished by generations to come. With every cup, we invite you to join us in celebrating the rich heritage and exquisite flavors of our coffee.

Experience the passion and craftsmanship of Don Alfredo Estate Coffee - where tradition meets innovation, and every sip tells a story.